Every morning I wake up and spend time writing down my thoughts in my journal. Some days I am inspired and the words flood the pages and it almost seems as my hand has a mind of its own. Other days, it’s a struggle just get a few sentences out. One thing that I have learned by doing this, is that I am able to get off my chest anything that is on my mind and I am able to start my fresh and clear headed.

I started journaling about six years ago when I was going through a really tough time. My dad was sick and had quadruple bypass heart surgery. I had so much going on in my head and I wasn’t sure what to do with it all. I started writing it all down and afterwards I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief. I realized that if I write my thoughts down, I can leave them there on the paper and I don’t have to carry them with me anymore. There are times when my thoughts are so heavy they weigh my down and I’m unsure what to do with them. Some days I write in journal more than once. Especially if it’s been a rough day.

I challenge you to give it a try. In the morning before you start your day, find a quiet place and spend 5-10 minutes with a pen and paper allowing yourself complete freedom to write whatever comes to mind. I think you will find it very rewarding.

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